Extra elements

From 4foreverything we give you the opportunity to add extras to your stand so you can get a final result to suit your goals. 

Do not hesitate in contact us and let us know what your ideas are, your needs, and we will glad to help you make the design of your stand stick with what you want. 



  • Lineal meter of wall / frame with whitepvc 2,5mh.
  • Perspex sqm tocréate a window in a meeting Room / storage.
  • Extra door.
  • Shelf 30cm wide and 1m long.


  • Printed pvc infill


  • Spotlight on arm 25W.
  • Simple socket not embedded.
  • Three sockets base not embedded.​


More extra elements


Besides the option of increase the standard elements in your stand we can propose other special items:

Backlighted panel: the aluminium frames are 55mm Deep and we can make them work as a backlighted frame without make the walls


  • Backlighted panel: the aluminium frames are 55mm Deep and we can make them work as a backlighted frame without make the walls
  • Light box: for bigger elements we can offer light boxes in different dimensions and 18cm Deep.

More extra elements




we can create multiple options adapted to your stand dimensions and look and feel. These are a couple of options:

  • Circular shape eye catcher 6m diameter.
  • Two side printed flag 3x1m



We are looking forward to help you find the best technical solutions and will offer the latest items in the market so you can release your content, products, services in the best way.

We also can work with you to create this content.

This are a few elements we can propose:

  • Screen 50” hanging in the wall.
  • Screen 61” hanging in the wall.
  • Screen 80” with foot.
  • LED screen 2.5 mm. embedded in the 5,5 cm. wide walls with special tiles49x49 cm.

In a personalized way, we can offer you other services such as basic or specific sound / lighting installation for a demo you want to have in your stand.


You may want to have in your stand a small auditorium to perform demos, conferences. Please describe it in your briefing and we will integrate it in your design to make it work as one main concept. ​


Following the world situation we are living these days we believe is important that some of the activities you may have in your stand can be lived online and vice versa. The fact that we can connect with anyone place around the world is going to expand your presence and content.


Is our platform of interactive streaming Based in your needs we will advise you the best solution.

Virtual Reality

If you want to surprise your visitors with a demo in a immersive experience, the content generation in VR is the best solution. It can be made with a 3D modelling or with a video / photo record with a 360º camera. 

With it you will be able to make contents such as the corporative presentations of the company or of a specific product/service, with the additional option of make in interactive so the visitors would be able to make some actions with their own hands, making the experience more immersive and unforgettable. 


To introduce your company or show any of your productive process you have the possibility of creating a Virtual Tours that will help your visitors to become familiar with your company. 

With a 360º camera and adding all the information you want inside the tour from a small explanation to your corporate video, product sheets, web links, register platform, meeting Schedule… all in the same place.  

This content can also live in your own website creating a 360 experience for all your online visitors. At the same time can be done with VR glasses for an immersive experience. 

All these developments have a strong advantage, they can live after the congressYou will be able to use them in other corporative meetings, as commercial and teaching tool.  

From 4foreverything will be glad to advice you, please tell us in which way we may be able to help you and will start from there.

Do you have any doubt?

Contact us and we will assist you personally.

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