How do we work? 

We will start with the basic structure and will work with you in the elements you already have included and in the ones you may need to get the stand you are looking for. These may be the steps to follow: 

  • Sending information: once we know the characteristics of your stand we will send you an email with the floorplan + visual of your stand with the basic elements adapted to the real dimensions of your area. You will receive this dossier again so you can see the options you have to start customizing your stand.

  • After your feedback with your real needs we will create a personalized proposal with a visual and a floorplan with dimensions.

  • We estimate we will have to create a third version of your stand toclose the project where we will include your final graphics. This document will work as the guide for the production and set up of your stand.  

    that when you arrive you will find exactly the same thing that you had asked us. 

  • Deadlines: based in the elements required we will give adjusted deadlines to guarantee the quality of the final product. Please try to fulfil them. To give you the best service we need time!

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